Dankwa has been affirmed by the supreme court as the valid elected president of

Thursday 4th March 2021 happens to be the final judgement by the Supreme Court of Ghana on the petition by John Dramani Mahama the flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (), based on the general election.

In his petition, he was in doubt of the results declared by the Chairperson of the electoral commission Jean Mensah, insisting that the mandatory 50%+ votes constitutional threshold was not achieved by none of the nine presidential candidates to be declared as a winner.

However, according the Chief Justice Aning Yeboah, the petitioner couldn’t satisfy all the five steps outlined by the court to in ruling the case and therefore failed to prove his case in neither his petition nor witnesses.


In reading the ruling by the Chief Justice he said, the two witnesses of the petitioner Mr. Mettle Nunoo and Dr. Kpessah Whyte should blame themselves for their absence while the collation results were ongoing. He termed them as immaterial to the case.

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Also, according to the chief justice, the figure 13,121,111 was admitted during the cross-examination of PW1, Johnson and not 13,434,574 as declared by the EC as the total valid cast. Hence no legal basis for anyone to contend that the 13,434,574 should be used as total valid cast.

In addition by the Supreme Court, it is not rightful to hold on to the error corrected by the Electoral commission against the board so far as the error was corrected. To the Chief Justice Aning Yeboah, no statute was provided by Mahama’s legal team on why the EC should have consulted stakeholders before making corrections.

Finalizing, the petitioner John Dramani Mahama was not able to prove that none of the presidential candidates got more than 50%+ of the total votes cast according to the Supreme Court of Ghana.

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