A guy on Facebook goes hard on African’s, Ghanaians and Nigerians to be precise over an endless argument on who has the best jollof rice.

In a post published by earlier today, the Australian High Commissioner to , Gregory Andrews, waded into the debate between Ghana jollof and jollof, as he chose that of Ghanaians after having a taste.

A guy identified on Facebook as ‘Jonathan Hess’, made an interesting fact under the comment section of the post that needs to be deliberated.


According to him, the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana’s jollof preference is a way of distracting the black’s attention from the technology his country is inventing.

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He made a reference to NASA flying their first helicopter to Mars.

You see how the whites keeps distracting the black. He will never show us the new tech their country is making, Nasa has flew their first helicopter to Mars as Ghanaians and Nigerians are fighting over a food.” He said.

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