“The winner for 2024 election will be a woman” Prophet Badu Kobi

2024 elections is nowhere near but Prophet Badu Kobi claims he has already seen the winner of the coming elections per a revelation given to him by God.

“One of the bearers will be a woman. I am speaking the mind of God”, he stressed on Angel FM in an with Smart.

“The woman will develop Ghana and people will support her. A lot of women would massively support her”, he said.

He was to describe the woman he saw but he said he doesn’t want to go deep in unveiling the secrets.

Listen to the below;


Badu Kobi was one of the people who predicted a win for Donald Trump and John Mahama i the 2020 elections but they all lost.

Let’s wait and see if this so called prophecy would also come to pass.

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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