The world’s most expensive pair of shoes have been put on sale for a jaw-dropping $17 million (Ghs 81,181,800.00). It is made out of leather, gold, silk and diamonds.

A Dubai-based shoemaker named Jada Dubai unveiled the shoes at the Burj Al Arab hotel. “Dubai is the city of millionaires and billionaires… we see it as a potential market, along with the entire (Gulf) region,” said Hemant Karamchandani, chief executive of Passion Jewelers, which supplied the jewels.

 The world?s most expensive pair of shoes is up for sale for $17m (N6.1 billion)

The shoe took about 9 months to create, according to the maker of the shoe.

most expensive pair of shoes
most expensive pair of shoes

“there will be only one pair of The Passion Diamond Shoes in the world. “We had to prototype many shoes in Italy in order to find the perfect shape, perfect heel, the perfect color for it.

“Even inside, the logos of both companies are made out gold, which is very thin, so it will be very comfortable for walking”.