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Ghanaian Travel consultant and Travel Blogger, Akesse Moïse Sanza, has said that music producers who claim musicians don’t pay them are not serious.

In a Facebook post, he stated that it’s time musicians got serious with striking contracts with musicians or better still charging them without fear or favour for works done.

In his words, Sanza wrote:


These producers claiming musicians don’t pay them are just not serious. Some of them just send the beats to the musicians without any contract whatsoever.

Even when the musician asks how much is the beat, they will go like “oh just give something from your heart” lol.

I don’t patronise businesses when they are not able to charge. I bypassed so many friends to use the services of others because they weren’t able to charge. How do I know how much to pay you if you ask me to give you something from my heart?

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I entered into music business briefly and we had to stop for the artiste to pay attention to his books. Those few weeks, I paid producers 300gh, 1,000gh and even $1,000 for a beat.

You need to have a rate card and stop “give me anything from your heart”. If you think you have a relationship with the person, or you stand to gain other benefits by providing services to him, you can still factor all these and give him a bill.”

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