Dr Olufun Milayo

Dr Olufun Milayo on Twitter vented her anger on some greedy politicians who go down to the lowest prior to the election but begin to mess up when they get to the office.

Dr Olufun Milayo tagged wicked and heartless politicians as animals who have no sympathy for the poor who voted them into office.

She said prior to elections, these politicians stoop low and mingle among the poor but when they get to the office, they begin to mess up.

She tagged Nigeria as a farm house.

Olufun wrote on Twitter:

“These same politicians look for the poor people during election campaigns. These animals will eat amala in bukkas just for photos. They will look for roasted corn sellers to snap photos. But once they win elections, They shoot the people who voted them. Nigeria is a farmhouse.”

Her post comes after one Newspaper vendor got brutally murdered by the security of a top politician who was moving in a convoy just today.

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See the screenshot below:

 Dr Olufun Milayo

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