Rapper Joey B has put a spin to the ongoing beef between Shatta Wale and Kwaw Kese.

The ‘Tonga’ hitmaker in an interview with Andy Dosty thinks this particular feud is needless.

He noted that Shatta Wale and Kwaw Kese are both veterans.

They’ve been on the scene for soo many years now. So they should rather be setting example for they the young ones to emulate.

He advised that even if Shatta said something that Kwaw didn’t like, Kwaw should have called Shatta on phone and talk it over. Rather then taking to social media to spew his anger.

Joey chipped in that this is one of the reasons why we’re not moving forward in terms of our music fraternity.

Joey further said that claiming titles is needless for example saying “I am the King of this and that”, “I am the Highest” etc. are all not needed.

And then undermining other artiste saying they’re wack is all not needed.

Andy Dosty then questioned Joey B that does that mean he doesn’t support musical beef?

Joey answered saying no and that even Yaa Pono once dissed him, he heard the diss but just let it go without replying.

Watch the video below:

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