Some unknown thieves managed to break into Takoradi Technical University’s ‘Gringo’ female hostel. They stole provisions and cash belonging to some of the final year students.

Thieves have been tormenting female students in one of the Takoradi Technical University hostels known as ‘Gringo’. The hostel which is strictly meant to accommodate ladies is now becoming a hub for thieves.

For some time now, our sources say thieves have been trying to break into most of the rooms occupied by students to steal their belongings and probably rape them as well.

Their recent mission took place this dawn which ended successfully. They cut through the window frame of one of the rooms and made away with an undisclosed amount of cash, food items and other goodies of some students.

Luckily, there was no single student in that particular room at that time so they were spared being raped or hurt.

Celebrities Buzz received some images from their operations.

We were told the students occupying the building are now super scared for their lives since the attack on them is becoming frequent.

See Photos Below:

Thieves break into Accra Technical University's 'Gringo' female hostel to steal provisions, cash, etc. belonging to final year students