Thieves made 25 stolen sheep disappear by hiding them underground


Stock thieves made 25 stolen sheep ‘disappear’ by hiding them underground in the Eastern Cape.

The sheep were stolen from a farmer in the Avondale policing district at Mount Fletcher at the weekend.

“The sheep were reported stolen in the early hours of the morning. As police units were patrolling the area as part of crime prevention operation Restore, they were tipped off about a number of sheep that were hidden underground nearby on a farm,” said police spokesperson Brig Tembinkosi Kinana.

“On arrival at the scene, they found the sheep alive and hidden in a dark hole. The sheep were later identified as belonging to a farmer who reported them stolen earlier in the day.”
The sheep were subsequently returned to the farmer.
“The investigation continues into the whereabouts of those responsible for the theft of the sheep. No arrest made at this stage,” added Kinana.