nana addo and da hammer

Executive music producer, Da’Hammer has boldly told President that his call for the reopening of schools is not very smart at this time.

Schools across the nation would resume tomorrow 18th January 2021.

However, it appears the cases of are on a spike which is getting the President worried.

In his address this Sunday evening, he stated that he’ll ask for a lockdown again if necessary.

“We do not want to go back to the days of lockdowns but should that become necessary; that is if infected cases continue to go up I will have no option but to reimpose those restrictions,” the President warned in his 22nd national address on measures being taken by his government to check the virus in .

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Well, Da’Hammer is also saying Nana Addo shouldn’t have opened schools at this time.

In a post via Instagram, he wrote: “Thank u for finally sounding the alarm Mr President but this back to school thing is not very smart at this time, I’m sorry”

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