This Is Why Benin Is Trending Number 1 On Ghana’s Twitter?

Benin has been trending on the Ghanaian social media space for the past two days and a lot of people are beginning to wonder why?

Well, we’ll tell you what this about Benin is all about.

In summary, it is about a screen recorded WhatsApp audio of a desperate young boy in a WhatsApp group named ‘Benin 2020 2nd Batch’.

In the viral audio recording, the young man could be heard complaining that the street is hot as it’s hard to make money and he won’t sit down for anyone to pressure him, therefore, he is keen on visiting Benin too.

Benin is the powerful juju hub for fraud boys/scammers and people who are interested in juju money/quick money.

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So the guy is saying since all else has failed in money on the streets, he has no choice than to go to Benin.

The audio after popping up on social media has gone viral.

For how funny he sounded, social media users decided to also share their Benin stories via memes and tweets of how they believe the African country has potential spiritual powers from fetish priests and mallams to solve a lot of problems.

So yeah, that is why Benin is trending, check out some of the funny tweets below.

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