jj rawlings and nathalie yamb

A new video has emerged on social media that sees late former president showing support to her ‘second wife’, Nathalie Yamb.

In one of the videos, one can see the couples at a political rally. stood solidly behind Nathalie as she read her campaign message.

In another video, Rawlings could be heard telling dignitaries at a meeting that Nathalie is one of the most brilliant women she has ever met.

This lady speaks German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, she speaks it all. She’s one of the most intelligent and one of the most brilliant politically astute minds I have come across. Sweetheart”, he said as he handed over the microphone back to Nathalie.

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Nathalie is currently the Vice Presidential candidate for aspiring president, Mamadou Koulibaly in Ivory Coast.

She has said in one of her tweets that she’s aspiring to become a president of her country one day.

Watch the video below:

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