“This Train Gonna Keep On Rollin” is a song paving its way onto TikTok and rocking among the Millenials.

TikTok is a platform that helps new and emerging artists promote their work and get instant feedback from the audiences. The one thing this social media has done is that now no artist will have to knock doors of producers if they have talent.

A recent viral song on TikTok is King George’s “This Train Gonna Keep On Rollin”. This is going quite viral on TikTok and netizens have their own interpretations for the song. Here is everything on its lyrics and meaning.

“This Train Gonna Keep On Rollin” TikTok Song

The new song “This Train Gonna Keep On Rollin” is all over TikTok. People are using the small clip from the song and using it lip-sync and making their own stories based on the lyrics.

The song is written and sung by King and it was uploaded on YouTube on 22nd January 2022. In such a short span of time, this already has 849,979 views, despite his fewer subscribers, and all thanks to TikTok. However, considering how beautiful the song is, this art deserves more than this.

TikTokers are loving this song and are resharing it as much as possible. Everyone is using the song to show their emotions and also dance.

TikTok: “This Train Gonna Keep On Rollin” Song Lyrics Explained

As “This Train Gonna Keep On Rollin” is going viral on TikTok, its lyrics’ meaning is also widely searched for. The clip that is actually being used goes something like this;

“So if you wanna go, baby
Go ahead and walk out the door

But one thing that you gotta remember
There’s one monkey don’t stop on the show”

This has been used to show that a person who does not want to stay in your life doesn’t matter at all. Even in his/her absence, your life forward and even better. All that matters is yourself and your own spirit.

One of the TikTok captioned her video saying that she and her husband got divorced over religious beliefs and he thought he was God. She further said that she didn’t think her husband was a god. To this, the lady was grooving to the song, which was a perfect fit.

“This Train Gonna Keep On Rollin” Origin

It is not clear how did the began, but it seems like the singer cum writer himself put out the song on the platform to promote it. This might have slowly gotten viral after that, as per our assumptions.

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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