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Throwback photo of King Promise having hair on his head

Singer King Promise is known for one thing and that’s his bald hair.

Fans do wonder if hair grows on his head at all because anytime you see him, his hair is all cleaned and shiny.

Well, a throwback photo of the ‘Commando‘ hitmaker have emerged which sees a hair on his head.

It at least proves that there used to be hair.

Take a look at the photo below:

King Promise was in the news recently after he said that he doesn’t joke with his church tithe.

According to the ‘CCTV’ hitmaker, without God he wouldn’t have cemented his music career or become as famous as he is.

He revealed this in an interview with Lexis Bill on Joy FM’s Drive Time show.

“I don’t joke with my tithe at all. I pay my tithe often, and because of my job where lots of Saturday evenings I have to be on stage performing, and so sometimes don’t go to church, I give it to my mum to pay on my behalf,” he said.

He lauded Sarkodie for helping him in his music career.

“My rise has been a blessing, I met people at the right time when I started. For instance, Sarkodie introduced me to my management that I’m currently working with, and the very first song that had people listening to me was Vision DJ’s ‘Double Trouble’ song featuring same Sarkodie, and so Sarkodie is a blessing to me,” King Promise revealed.

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