Throwback photos of Fella Makafui copying Sister Derby’s hair and dressing styles have popped up on the internet

The new beef trending on the internet is between Sister Derby and Fella Makafui all foiled by Wanlov The Kubolor.

Fella Makafui blasts Sister Derby & Wanlov The Kubolor

The whole brouhaha started after Wanlov labeled Fella as a copy-cat who aims at dressing just like his sister, Derby. He also added that Fella Makafui went the extra mile to even copy Sister Derby’s love life by snatching her boyfriend, Medikal from her.

That did not go down well with Fella Makafui who fired the two family members.

Celebrities Buzz while roaming on the internet spotted some photos of Fella Makafui copying the exact dressing styles of Sister Derby.

Sister Derby releases screenshot of Fella Makafui asking her the size of her dress & demanding to buy same outfit from her

Those that do not have her dressed exactly like her, do however show her wearing the same hairstyle or color of Derby.

See Photos Below:

Throwback photos of Fella Makafui copying Sister Derby's hair & dressing styles pops up

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