Hipllife recording Artist, TiC and formerly reveals he is left bemused why musicians eventually say they are now born again when they face difficulties in their music career.

According to his words, you only give your life to Christ when you do evil or sin against God therefore if a musician says he or she has now repented after reaching a difficult stage in their music career then that could be a confirmation they were doing evil things.

“I wonder why lot’s of musicians or entertainers in Ghana after a difficult stage in their career say they give their lives to Jehovah God (Born again or Repented) this that means they were sinners or doing evil? TiC asked

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Reacting to his question, most of his followers believes it’s completely some kind of hypocrisy on the part of musicians who come out to declare they have given their lives to Christ simply because they are no more relevant in music thereby using their little reputation left to make some income through church.

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