TV personality Tima Kumkum flaunts her new lover on social media.

Cynthia Tima Yeboah is a multiple award winning radio and television presenter who executive her professionalism at the Multimedia Group .

She shot to fame as a host for Telenovela series on Adom TV.

For quiet months ago, Tima Kumkum got trended on social media after she disclosed in an interview that she needed a man in her life, following the break up with her ex-husband.


Thereafter, she came out to lament on how her Dm was flooded with love proposals from men.

Fortunately for her, she seems to have gotten what she has been desiring for as she flaunts her new alleged lover on social media.

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Tima Kumkum stated not clearly to have gotten a man but one would definitely suggest from the photos and the captions she posted on her Instagram page.

The world is always a better place with people like you.” She captioned.

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