Everyone is excited Liverpool won over Barcelona. Most comments seen on social media are that Messi is over-rated.

When Barcelona first won Liverpool by 3 goals to nil in their first leg, Barca fans mocked every single person on social media.

They were like no one can be compared to their team and that Messi is the true Greatest of all Times (G.O.A.T).

Barca fans even went to the extent to tell Liverpool fans particularly that they should burn their jerseys.

Well, it happens SM Militant Addi Self also happens to be a Liverpool fan.

Celebrating their victory on his Facebook page, the “Future Picture” crooner said that those Barca fans who asked him to burn his jersey should come look him in the face again.

addi self and messi
addi self rocking a Liverpool jersey

“#Todaytoo tell me to burn the jersey šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£”, he wrote proudly rocking a Liverpool jersey.

Meanwhile, rapper Sarkodie has also spoken on why he thinks Liverpool won Barca easily.