Todoist is a freemium to-do app that works on multiple platforms and devices, including Windows, Android, Apple iOS, Mac and all leading web browsers.

It also boasts of a user-friendly interface with integrated productivity charts (for premium accounts).

People will also love its set of classification tools. Collaboration is also a strong point as users can easily communicate and work on tasks, increasing productivity and improving output in the process.


Users can also work on their assignments even when they are not online thanks to Todoist’s offline functionality.

Overview of Todoist Features

  • Projects
  • Sub projects
  • Tasks
  • Sub Tasks
  • Share And Collaborate
  • Notifications
  • Intuitive Dates
  • Powerful Recurring Dates
  • Real-Time Data Synchronization
  • Productivity Visualization
  • Multiple Priorities
  • Labels
  • Comments
  • Filters
  • Reminders
  • Archive search
  • File uploads
  • Project templates
  • Automatic backups
  • Track logins
  • Centralized team billing
  • Easily add and remove users

The cheat sheet covers keyboard shortcuts for Todoist on the web, desktop, and mobile. It also includes filters, keywords, and other operators that can make both task searching and scheduling seem effortless.

The Todoist Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Shortcut Action
Add new task with Quick Add
¹A Add new task at bottom of list
¹Shift + A Add new task at top of list
²S Add section
³Ctrl + M Add quick comment
U Undo last action (if possible)
Shift + Left-click Select multiple contiguous tasks
Ctrl + Left-click Select multiple non-contiguous tasks
Ctrl + Up Arrow Move to task above task currently being edited
Ctrl + Down Arrow Move to task below task currently being edited
/ OR
Shift focus to Quick Find (search box)
Esc Cancel current edit
Enter Save newly created task and create new task below it
Shift + Enter Save changes to existing task and create new task below it
Ctrl + Enter Save newly created task and create new task above it OR
Save changes to existing task and create new task above it
? Show Todoist shortcuts
⁴Ctrl + Right Arrow Increase task indent
⁴Ctrl + Down Arrow Decrease task indent
Shift + Left-click Complete and archive a sub-task or recurring task
⁵Text Formatting
@ Add label
# Pick project
#ERROR! Add assignee
p1, p2, p3, p4 Set priority level
* TaskName Hide checkbox for current task
Ctrl + B OR
**Text** OR
__Text__ OR
Emphasize text in bold letters
Ctrl + I OR
*Text* OR
Italicize text
***Text*** OR
Emphasize text in bold letters and italicize it
URL(AnchorText) OR
[URL](AnchorText) Create hyperlink
`Code` Insert code inline
“`CodeBlock“` Insert code block
⁶Task Sorting
D Sort tasks by date
P Sort tasks by priority
N Sort tasks by name
R Sort tasks by assignee (person responsible)
Windows-Only Shortcuts
Ctrl + Alt + T Show/Hide Todoist
Ctrl + Alt + A Open Quick Add task panel
M Enter multi-select mode
Alt + Enter Save and go to comments
Tab Open full task editor
Ctrl + F Open search
F5 Sync manually
Home Navigate to default page
PgUp Navigate to previous view
²Alt + Shift + Right Arrow Increase task indent
²Alt + Shift + Left Arrow Decrease task indent
macOS-Only Shortcuts
Control + Cmd + T Show/Hide Todoist
Control + Cmd + A Open Quick Add task panel
²Cmd + Right Arrow Increase task indent
²Cmd + Left Arrow Decrease task indent
Mobile-Only Shortcuts
Ctrl + N Open Quick Add task panel
⁷Ctrl + Shift + N Create new task at top of list
Ctrl + Shift + P Create new project
Ctrl + Shift + L Create new label
Ctrl + Shift + F Create new filter
Ctrl + Enter Submit comment
Ctrl + 1 Open Inbox
⁸Ctrl + Shift + 1 Open Team Inbox
Ctrl + 2 Open Today
Ctrl + 3 Open Next 7 days
Ctrl + 4 Toggle Projects list
Ctrl + 5 Toggle Labels list
Ctrl + 6 Toggle Filters list
Ctrl + F Open Search
Ctrl + , Open Settings
Ctrl + S Sync manually
Keywords for Task Scheduling
every day OR
Every day starting from today
every morning Every day at 9am
every evening Every day at 7pm
every weekday OR
every workday
Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
every monday, friday OR
ev monday, friday OR
every mon, fri OR
ev mon, fri
Every Monday and Friday
every 3 days Every three days starting today
every week OR
Every week starting today
every month OR
Every month starting today
every year OR
Every year starting today
every 2nd friday Every second Friday of the month
every 25th OR
every 25
25th of every month
every jun 25th Every June 25th
every last day Last day of every month
every day starting may 5 OR
from may 5
Every day starting May 5th
every day ending may 5 OR
until may 5
Every day starting today and ending on May 5th
every day for 3 weeks Every day for the next three weeks starting today
every day from 10 aug until 20 aug Every day starting August 10th and ending August 20th
every 6 weeks at 09:00 starting jan 3 Every six weeks starting on January 3rd, at 9am
every! two months starting jan 3 Every two months starting from last completion date
⁹Filters and Other Operators
#ProjectName Tasks in ProjectName
##ProjectName Tasks in ProjectName and its sub-projects
assigned to: CollaboratorName Tasks assigned to CollaboratorName
assigned by: CollaboratorName Tasks assigned by CollaboratorName
assigned by: me Tasks assigned by you
assigned Tasks assigned to anyone (including you)
shared All tasks in shared projects
recurring Tasks with a recurring due date
no date OR
no due date
Tasks without a due date
overdue OR
over due OR
Overdue tasks
3 days OR
next 3 days
Tasks due within the next three days
due before: May 27 Tasks due before May 27th
due after: May 27 Tasks due after May 27th
p1 OR
priority 1
Tasks with priority level 1
p2 OR
priority 2
Tasks with priority level 2
p3 OR
priority 3
Tasks with priority level 3
no priority Tasks with no priority
@LabelName Tasks with label LabelName
no label Tasks without a label
created: Mar 5 Tasks created on March 5th
created before: -365 days Tasks created more than 365 days ago
created after: -365 days Tasks created within the last 365 days
search: KeywordName Tasks containing keyword KeywordName
& Boolean AND (Eg: p1 & overdue)
| Boolean OR (Eg: shared OR @red)
! Boolean NOT (Eg: no label & !p2)
* Wildcard operator (Eg: @*tech)
¹Available in Inbox, Today, Next 7 days, and Projects.

²Available in Inbox and Projects only.

³Available on web and macOS only.

⁴Available on web only.

⁵Syntax works in task names and comments only.

⁶Available on web and desktop only; available in Inbox and Projects only.

⁷Available on Android only; available in Inbox and Projects only.

⁸Team Inbox is available only as part of a Todoist Business subscription.

⁹These are available only with Todoist Premium and Todoist Business subscriptions.

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