Tom D’Frick replies to Oseikrom Sikani after he flaunted bundles of cash

Ghanaian rapper and big boy – Tom D’Frick has replied to Oseikrom Sikani.

Tom D’Frick has released a of himself flaunting bundles of cash. He replied to Oseikrom Sikani’s video of himself having cash around him but claiming he is broke.

Watch the below:

Tom in his also flaunted stacked of cash and Oseikrom he is also broke saying the money Oseikrom begged for in his video, can’t be sent to him by him as an improvised uncle.

From the look of things, it seems Tom was having more cash compared to Oseikrom Sikani.

The of the Volta Region’s Best Rapper has been trending on the internet for sometime now.

Watch the below:


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