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Top 10 World Celebrities who charge high prices per advert on their Instagram account

Instagram Rich List

HopperHQ has compiled an Instagram Rich List which comprises of Top Sports world celebrities who charge higher prices per advert posts on their Instagram handles.

Superstar footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo has emerged top of the sports’ Instagram Rich List, as he earns a staggering £780,000 (GHC 5,265,871.36) for promoted posts on his page.

According to HopperHQ, the Juventus star, 34, has a whopping 173m followers and can command an astronomical amount from just a single post.

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Brazilian superstar, Neymar is sitting in second spot, cashing-in £580,000 per post, while Lionel Messi earns a cool £521,000 per post.

Retired soccer-star, David Beckham earns cool £287,000. Basketball legend, Lebron James followed with £219,000.

Ronaldinho also bags £206,000. Real Madrid star Gareth Bale earns £175,000.

See the full list below:

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