Ghana is currently dominated by three network service providers which all deliver the best services to their customers. All these network service providers have special offers with which they ensure that they don’t lose their customers to any other network service providers.

These 3 major network service providers in Ghana are, MTN (mobile telephone network), Vodafone, and AirtelTigo.

These network service providers are patronized by Ghanaian based on their quality of services. Here are the populations of each of the network service providers in Ghana.

1. MTN(Mobile Telephone Network)

mtn ghana

MTN is the biggest network service provider in Ghana with the highest number of subscribers. MTN is popularly known for its quality of service and it’s affordable network charges. One of the biggest moves that earned MTN high number of subscribers is it’s mobile money services which allow people to send, receive, save, and also borrow money. According to MTN, they currently have 23.9 million customers in Ghana. This has made them the highest among other network service providers.


vodafone ghana

Vodafone is the second influential network service provider in Ghana. According to the tech giant, the name Vodafone was derived from the words voice data fone (sensational spelling of “phone”). This network service provider can boast about their unique way of rendering their services to ensure the quality of services. Their population is currently 7,976,348 making them the second-highest in terms of population among other networks.


airtel tigo

Airteltigo is the third most populated network service providers in Ghana. This network service provider is actually a collaboration of two major networks Airtel and Tigo which ones exist in Ghana. They are coming up with the best services since their collaboration and have made tremendous improvements to their services. They have attracted so many customers since the day of their collaboration. They currently have 10 million customers which is a massive improvement for them.