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Top AMG Member says Medikal should forget about Fella Makafui & he replied with a ‘blow’

Top AMG Member says Medikal should forget about Fella Makafui & he replied with a 'blow'

Medikal isn’t ready to let go of the love he has got for Fella Makafui even if it will cost him to lose some good friends and day ones.

Many people are not believing the fact that the Arab Money Gang signee is still chasing after Fella Makafui regardless of the latter’s stand that she wouldn’t forgive him.

Medikal’s fight to have Fella back got worse to the point that, he got chased together with his godfather, Criss Waddle by Fella out of her shop when they went to plead.

Shatta Wale also came in to help his brother by kneeling down in front of Fella Makafui.

As all thought Shatta Wale’s move will work, Celebrities Buz got to know that Fella Makafui did not even bother to let go of the pain she is harboring in her against Medikal.

A very good friend of Medikal, AMG Kevin Fianko is advising him to move on.

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Kevin Fianko who has received a lot of shout out on Medikal’s songs said if Fella Makafui truly loved Medikal, she wouldn’t have made their break up go public to cause enough pain to him.

“@AmgMedikal If she really loved you she wouldn’t have even made this whole thing public to affect you so much! If she wants to go allow her.”

Kevin again added that Medikal should forget about Fella Makafui and move on because he has apologized well enough.

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“My brother, I think you should just move on! You’ve apologized enough! Not every man will even do that! After all what? There are so many fishes in the see if she de do long forget am! You’ve done enough!” – he wrote.

However, Medikal replied with a blow.

He wrote; “😳 I’m surprised you are talking like this! 💔.”

Kevin answered his friend Medikal saying he isn’t a faker and that he just want to be real with him.

“Bro, I’m just being real with you.”

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