Albinism, a disease that leads to the partial or complete loss of pigmentation (colouring) of the skin, eyes and hair of person.

These are the top five main facts one probably might not know about people with albinism.

1. People with albinism can live long and healthy lives just like those without the feature. Their only biggest challenge is skin cancer which is barely seen in them.


2. Oculocutaneous, the most common type of albinism and the severest among all, is whereby the person’s hair and skin color remains white.

3. According to research, about one in seventy people carry one albinism Gene. Therefore, if both parents carry one albinism Gene, there are 25% chances that the child will be born a disorder.

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4. Another dangerous type of albinism called “Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome”, which makes people with such variation prone to lung disease.

5. People with albinism faces a lot of challenges, as many believes they are cursed which is never true according to scientist. Tanzania for instance being the largest population with albinism in Africa, they are mostly tortured because of the false belief concerning albinos.

Albinism is said to have no treatment but it is genetic and not contagious and doesn’t make anyone less of a person.

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