Over the few days in our fight against Covid-19, Ghana’s infected cases have kept on increasing unimaginable, with some few recoveries. What could be the best proactive measure we could implement to win this battle easily?

First, we should not be made thinking that the Government of Ghana is soo poor that we do not have the resources to help the less privileged, and also factor the working class when there’s a Total lockdown. Until that, the partial Lockdown we experiencing in some part of our country is meaningless.

Three days ago, I was very ecstatic to read in the news that, His Excellency the Vice President, Dr. Bawumiah, gave Gh500 each to 30 “Kayaye” persons who were intercepted by the police in Kumasi on their way to the Northern region. Very laudable right? Yes it is. But that amount could have been reduced to Gh300 each to cover other large number of same people who were not brought into the picture.

Also, our university Halls of residence, churches, mosques, secondary school boarding houses are all lying down empty at the moment. These buildings can house more than millions of our Kayaye, street or displaced people temporally for the period of the 14days total lockdown. We can’t risk all of them travelling long distances just to get out of the restricted areas. Which again is in our own country’s disadvantage because, at the end of the 14days partial lockdown, they will come back again.

Many companies, churches, mosques, rich individuals, are willing to support in this fight, why not engage them when there’s a total lockdown. This is a collective effort, and we can win the battle when we all come together to do so. Already some organizations are doing that, GOD bless them.

Let’s reflect on recent happenings in our country, specifically the one that has to do with the partial lockdown. Our people are all over, with little or no aim of what they are doing outside.

Remember, this is a STAY HOME fight against the deadly Virus. It will look very funny when they are shown exhibiting their ignorance on social media, but the battle isn’t becoming funny any longer and our infected numbers have kept increasing every single day.

There’s just one language our people will best understand, and that is a Total Lockdown. Yes, I said it!

Total lockdown will come with its own challenges, nonetheless, I believe our able government to factor everything that matters, and do his part in helping people when there’s a total lockdown.

14days Total Lockdown is the Only option to combat this deadly virus physically. Spiritual wise, we have sorted the name of GOD already. What is left is in our own hands.

We delay, we pay!

Michael Atuahene Djan
(A true Son of KASOA)


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