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Tracey Boakye replies the prophetess who said she has 2 months to live on earth

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Actress Tracey Boakye has sharply replied Prophetess Comfort Konadu who claims God has revealed to her that she will die in 8 weeks (2 months).

According to the prophet in our earlier post, Tracey has only 2 months to live for disrespecting and insulting Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

The woman of God noted that if Tracey can act quickly by apologising to the member of parliament, her sins would be forgiven and the curse of death placed on her shall be lifted.

Well, Tracey Boakye has quickly replied in a new video. In the video, she said that she’s not the type that believes in so-called prophecies from ‘men or women of God’.

The actress said that is the reason why she doesn’t go to church.

Below were the words of Tracey:

“I’m not the type of person who believes in ‘Pastors’ who claim God has revealed this and that to them. So as for me, I don’t even go to church… I stay in my room and pray to God”. I’m not the type that you say scary spiritual things about me to make me afraid. Any man or woman of God who claims God has revealed something about me to them should keep it to themselves.

“Who on earth would say he or she would not die? We shall all die.”

“An elderly person insulted me for the first time, I didn’t mind. He insulted me for the second time, I still didn’t give him attention and he came again to insult me for the third time and you expect me to be quite? I also have kids…I am the mother of someone”.

“I serve a living God. So if it is the God that created you and I that told you I have 1000 weeks or two weeks to live, please keep it to yourself, I am not interested. I am not going to apologise to anybody. Because the God you worship is the same God that I also worship.”

Watch the video below:


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