Twitter users clashes over the Asakaa boys from Kumasi and La Meme gang of Accra.

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A new debate has been launched on twitter between fans of and that of the Asakaa boys of Kumasi.

Searching for entertaining updates on social media, came across this interesting debate on twitter by fans of two popular groups in Ghana, and the Asakaa boys.

La Meme gang is an Accra-based musical group comprising of Darkovibes, Spacely, RJZ, Kiddblack, Nxwrth and KwakuBS. They emerged into the scene in 2017 with their hit ‘Carbon’.

The Asakaa boys on the other hand is a musical group of about nine men from Kumasi who started gaining prominence in 2020. These young men of the Asakaa boys are namely: O’Kenneth, Jay Bahd, Kawabanga, Reggie, Kwaku DMC, Sean Lifer, Rabby Jones and the rest.

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It all commenced when one ‘Shatta Madrid’ on twitter raised a suggestion that, musicians from Kumasi are known for copying from other artists, and as a matter of fact, they don’t have any talent in music.

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Such claims didn’t sound well in the ears of twitter from Kumasi as they started fusing a grudge between the Asakaa group and that of La Meme gang.

According to ‘Evans Ne-Yo’, a twitter user suggested to be from Kumasi, the La Meme gang can never be compared to the Asakaa boys. He made a controversial claims that, aside Darkovibes of La Meme gang, the rest are all backing vocalist. “Remove Yaw Tog of Asakaa boys and you have Reggie, O’Kenneth, Jay Bahd, Kofi Jamar, City etc. He added.

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Another fan of the La Meme gang also back the Kumasi lovers that, comparing Asakaa boys to La Meme gang will make it possible to compare Yaw Tog to Sarkodie, since they have all gained recognition in BET awards.

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That La Meme Godzilla song is made up of 95% of instrumentals only. Vibes sor vibes sor. Condemn is clearrrr..Put some respect on the Asakaa boys.” Said by one ‘Kwadwo Piano’.

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