Two beautiful Ghanaian lesbians marry in Ghana

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lesbian marriage in ghana

Homos3xuality is not allowed in Ghana. It has been ‎Illegal as far back as the 1860s when the country was known as Gold Coast.

And even though there’s pressure from the LGBT community for it to be legalized, no law has been passed yet to make it something that should be practiced.

However, it appears some people do not care about its illegality as 2 beautiful women has been reported to have married themselves here in Ghana over the weekend.

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Videos from their private wedding have made it unto social media. The identity of the two women who appear to be in their mid-40s could be seen in the viral videos all happy as they danced to songs at their wedding.

From what Celebrities Buzz has mopped on the streets of social media, both ladies are said to be military officers.

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military lesbians

Check out the video below:

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