University is not about being a regular student especially if you don’t have a sponsor” Patrick Mensah Nartey

patrick mensah nartey

Ghanaian Real Estate mogul, Patrick Mensah Nartey has dished out a piece of nuggets to his followers.

In a new video shared on his Instagram handle, he advised those planning to further their education at the tertiary level to consider evening, weekend and online classes. So that they can have enough time to make some money aside to themselves.

In his words, the CEO of PMN Group of Companies said:

“I want to give a quick message to the youth out there…especially those who are in the university, those who are planning to go to the University… see let me tell you something, University today is not always about being a regular student. University is very expensive… when it comes to printing hand outs, project works, hostel fees… it’s a whole lot”

“Now, let me tell you something, you can be a regular student and be in the university, it’s okay. But most of us are of age that you suppose to be weekend or evening students and hustle aside. Most of us can even study online and hustle aside”.

“If you don’t have consistent income, if you don’t have a sponsor…you don’t have someone supporting you consistently and you’re a regular student, and you’re at certain age,you become a burden on many people. If you have to go to the university, you shouldn’t always be a regular student to be seen that you go to school during the day. You can hustle aside.Some of us we did it and it helped us alot.

the video below:

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