Hushpuppi’s alleged younger brother in a new phone call, says the main reason while Dubai Police and Interpol have not come public with the arrest of his brother is because they have allegedly not found any single evidence against him.

A source also added that Interpol have found evidence on Many close associates of Hushpuppi But up till now they have still not found any Evidence directly linking hushpuppi to the $35Million fraud, so they are currently holding him, seriously digging and investigating the source of his wealth.

The report was published by Gossipmill Nigeria on Instagram yesterday.

The trending audio means Hushpuppi will be freed any time soon if it is anything to go by.

Hushpuppi who is a Nigerian Dubai-based big boy was recently arrested over an alleged $35M scam and other money laundering activities.

He is alleged to have defrauded the US government of money meant to be used in purchasing test kits among other illegal crimes.


Since his arrest, a lot of his friends have deserted him to his fate. Davido was part of the ‘sell-out’ friends.

Hushpuppi was not arrested alone. He was taken into custody by the FBI and Interpol together with his big boys who spend lavishly in the UAE.

After Celebrities Buzz shared his first reaction since his arrest yesterday, his sister has also come out to give Hush’s supporters some sign of hope in the audio below.

The audio further explained that some close allies of Hushpuppi were picked because there was numerous evidence on them.

Mompha, his close friend turn enemy has also shared his thought on his arrest.

Listen To The Audio Below: