Since the lockdown started, there have been videos of alleged brutalities by security agencies tasked to enforce the President’s directive for people to stay home. Some of the defaulters were seen in these videos being beaten by the police and the military.

Commenting on the occurrence, controversial Ghanaian musician and political activist, Kwame Asare-Obeng a.k.a A PLUS said he supports the security forces to an extent. According to him, “the police and military are doing a very great job but some Ghanaians are making the work difficult for the security agencies” and must be dealt with.

He however suggested that, instead of beating the recalcitrant ones who are defying the directives, they should rather be used to clean the country. “Don’t beat them. That does not benefit the country in anyway. These stubborn people must be used for sanitation activities. If they don’t want to stay home, they can sweep. Let them clean filth from the streets, markets etc. By the time the lockdown is over Accra and Kumasi will surely be the cleanest cities in Africa.” he added.

A plus is currently engaging in an initiative that aims to distribute face masks, rubbing alcohols, hand gloves etc both to the security personnel on the street enforcing the law and also the market users and transport operators.

Do you agree with his suggestion on how the security agencies are handling the defaulters of the President’s directive on the lockdown?