Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk finished second in the 2019 Ballon d’Or behind Lionel Messi.

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk hit back at Piers Morgan at the Ballon d’Or award ceremony on Monday evening after making a joke about Cristiano Ronaldo.

Van Dijk, who finished in second-place to Lionel Messi but above Juventus superstar Ronaldo, asked a reporter if the forward ‘was really a rival’ in a tongue-in-cheek interview.

TV personality Morgan, however, tweeted at the Liverpool centre-back to say: “No.. Cristiano is a far greater player, you’re not in his league.”

Van Dijk moved to politely shoot down Morgan with his response, saying: “Hi Piers, If you don’t jump on the social media bandwagon and would listen to the whole interview then you would know I made a joke, and only got respect for those 2 [Messi included alongside Ronaldo].”

Supporters loved Virgil’s retort, commenting: “VVD owning Morgan with well timed challenge as per.”