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Actor has narrated how he got mocked for driving a ‘cheap car’ in town.

In a post via social media, the 43-year-old screen icon wrote that he was driving in town in his Hyundai i20.

To his surprise, a man who was driving a Range Rover spotted him tried to make mockery of him.

Read his full narration below:

“So I am driving my hyndia i20 today and whilst in traffic a dude on the other side of the road shouted, ‘Hey Van Vicker come and take this one (tapping his Range Rover) for the weekend’, I said ‘No’. He continued, ‘You don’t like this one, you like your own?’ And I nodded in the affirmative. What I want to understand is this, could he be making mockery of me or could he have been genuine? I didn’t see the need to tell him I own cars and a range as well.

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I don’t think my car or property determines who I am.

Your thoughts?”


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