‘Nothing I Get’ hitmaker, Fameye has been filmed fighting with his management in a latest development on his Europe Tour.

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Celebrities Buzz made moves to have a short conversation with his manager, Ogidi Brown and we were really amazed at what brought up the fight.

Video of 'Nothing I Get' hitmaker, Fameye fighting with his management

In the conversation, Ogidi Brown explained that Fameye played a show on his Tour and took the money personally instead of his management doing so on his behalf.

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Brown who was really sad with the arrogance of his artiste explained that managements of Fameye approached him peacefully just for him to return the money since they have a lot of work to do and are really in dire need of cash but he declined to hand over the unspecified amount to them.

He then started spewing trash on them which eventually brought about the misunderstanding.

Video of 'Nothing I Get' hitmaker, Fameye fighting with his management

In the video, it clearly shows Fameye nearly slapping his manager upon noticing he was being filmed.

Ogidi Brown who played a key role in Fameye’s blow complained bitterly of the behavior of his artiste even when he wasn’t blown yet.

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Fameye from our sources has told his management never to approach him again because he’s done working with them.

Watch Video Below: