VIDEO: We Are Never Breaking Up As A Musical Duo- Dope Nation


The Dope Nation musical duo has waded into the rumors of the group breaking up in the near future.

The duo; Michael Boafo better known as B2 and his brother Tony Boafo popularly known as Twist released their first hit song together in 2016 titled “Bebia Ye Shi” under the name, ‘Dope Nation’.

Since hitting the music scene, the music group has produced hit songs like the trending ‘zunku’, ‘confam’ whicf features AMG rapper Medikal, etc, and has been one of the dominate in the music industry.

The duo has revealed they see what will happen that will make them split as a group for each other to go solo.

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This was the answer given when Kofi Cephas, the host of ‘In The Neighborhood’ show of asked they brothers if they will ever take the path of Nigerian music duo PSquare who has now split with each person doing his own thing.

Twist, who answered the stated although they are always fighting, they make sure the fights don’t gets so personal to the extent that, one of them would love to leave the other so do his own thing.

He stated whenever there’s a misunderstanding between them, they sit down as grown men and solve it themselves and he believes this has made them strong as a group and as brothers as well.

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