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There’s an outrage on social media as to why the Ewe traditional culture is not in full display at former President Jerry John Rawlings’ funeral.

Aside being a son of the Volta land, he’s a Chief. In 2016, he was enstooled as a peace chief of Anlo State.

Hence, custom demands that some Anlo traditional dances, among other Ewe culture must be in full display at his funeral.


But instead, what we hear on TV is Adowa and other Akan traditional songs and dances.

This situation has caused Voltarians to ask that what at all is going on?

“Watching Rawling’s funeral and too much Adowa here and there instead of Agbadza, why, the man be Akan man“, one social media asked.

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Apparently, there was a back and forth battle between the Anlo State and the Government as to how the funeral would be held.

While the Government insisted on giving the former Head of State a State burial, the Anlo State also said per their culture, they deserve control over Rawling’s remains.

At the end of the day, the Government won the battle to organise a state burial.

This is even one of the reasons why the funeral arrangements delayed.

Notwithstanding, one Alex Dogba wrote on Facebook that even if the state has taken control over the funeral, that shouldn’t prevent the Anlo State for that matter the Agbotui and Tamakloe families from organising an Agbadza troupe to perform at the funeral.

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It’s sad that Anlo State can’t organise an Agbadza groupe to play at the funeral of the late Chairman Rawlings. To the Agbotui and Tamakloe families seeking to take possession of his body should be ashamed that they couldn’t get Agbadza groupe to play at the funeral“, he wrote.

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Selasi Sosu also quizzed: “Rawlings is an Anlo Chief! Can we at least dance some of the Agbadza and Akpese he loves dancing so much?? What the heck is going on?

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James Afedo also added: “Rawlings Funeral. Where is the Atsiagbekor? Where is the Agbadza? Where is the Akpese? Where is the Gongu? Where is the rich Ewe culture? All I keep hearing on radio and tv is Kete. Wharisdat? Or am I tuning in at the wrong time?

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