George Stinney in the year of 1944 became the youngest American at the age of fourteen (14) to be executed by electric chair in the 20th century after he was at the time charged with the murder of two young girls namely Betty June Becker (11) and Mary Emma Thames (7) in South Carolina, Alcolu which happens to be his hometown by the way. George Stinney was initially arrested alongside his elder brother John but the latter was later released upon further investigations by the Police but George continued to be a detainee and was prevented from seeing his parents until after he had been tried and convicted.

George Stinney (2nd right) been led to execution


Sixty years on after his electrocution in 2004, a re-examination of George Stinney’s case was initiated by some group of individuals and the subsequent judicial review by the Northeastern University School of Law. Ten years since the re-examination of the case, Stinney’s case was vacated with the conclusion he had not received a fair trial and had been wrongfully executed by a South Carolina Court.

George Stinney


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