‘We are all imperfect serving a perfect Creator. All he wants is for us to try & do our best’ – Mufti Menk

A Muslim cleric from Zimbabwe, Ismail ibn Musa Menk, also known as Mufti Menk has released a peaceful sermon suitable for all Religions on his Twitter page.

The Muslim scorer says we as beings are not perfect but serve a perfect God who requires us to try and do out best.

Mufti Menk added that God knows us better than we know ourselves hence no need to be worried about our deeds in as much as we are trying to be the best of ourselves.

“We’re all imperfect, serving a perfect Creator who’s most Merciful. He doesn’t expect perfection from us. All He wants is for us to try & do our best. Are we giving our best? He knows what’s in the hearts & He knows us better than we know ourselves. So let’s get our act together!,” – Mufi Menk preached.

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His sermon attracted a lot of people to share their opinions on it.

A few are below;

‘We must realise that The Almighty has created us imperfect, so He does not expect perfection from us. But The Almighty does expect us to try our best!’

‘If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing anything for anybody. Remember that, great changes may not happen right away, but with effort even the difficult may become easy.

‘What’s gone is gone. Just repent for your mistakes. What’s going to happen tomorrow is in Allah’s hands. Do not worry about the future, the best thing about the future is that Allah sends only one day at a time. So focus on today, to do and say the right things.’

‘What’s gone is gone. Just repent. What’s going to happen tomorrow is in The Creator’s hands. Hope & pray for the future but don’t worry too much about it. So, focus on today, to do & say the right things because you never can tell if you’ll get to that future.’

beings were born with flaws/defect. is just a matter of fighting ugly feelings and purifying our hearts so that it is light and there are no negative feelings in it towards other people. That way we can act our best and be kind, pleasing Allah (SWT).’

See Screenshot Below:

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