We Are Not Complete Human Beings; Our Attitude And Behavior Shows – UK Based Ghanaian Reveals

Manchester-based Ghanaian broadcaster and MC, Kweku Badu has indicated that most Africans are human beings because of the insatiable desire to bring down their fellow countrymen.

In an interview with DJ Nyaami on Daily Hustle in the UK, the social commentator mentioned that the constant need for Africans to destroy their colleagues is unreasonable. He would only attribute such a term to people with such behaviour.

Speaking on why there is disunity among Ghanaians abroad especially in the UK, Kweku said “whatever is negative for whites is positive for blacks. The battery in our head has changed. Someone will give a naked photo of his wife to a blogger to publish and the senseless blogger will also do it without considering the emotional trauma.”

He added that the need for negative content in is also among the Ghanaian and African communities in the UK.

“It is the negative that everyone wants but the whites don’t like that. Look at how they dealt with Boris Johnson’s case. If Nana Addo makes a mistake right now and Akuapem Poloo says something, we will all jump on Akuapem Poloo and leave the President’s case. That is why I’m telling you that we are incomplete human beings,” he explained.

Kindly watch the interview below;

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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