Some concerned members of Shatta Movement — fans of are complaining about how people see them to be illiterates.

Honestly, fans of the Dancehall artiste are seen to be block-headed and people who doesn’t have the least education.

This perception is held by most people prior to how Shatta Wale fans attack individuals on social media…they’ll attack you with insults so far as you speak against their Boss, Shatta…and even if you try explaining things to them, they’ll still attack you.

This has made people to always tag them as illiterates.

Well, some staunch fans on social media are complaining that this mentality isn’t true. They hence call on Shatta Wale to ‘repent’ so that people can start seeing them differently.

Expressing this worry in a tweet, broadcast journalist, Gary AlSmith said:

“There is a certain image of @shattawalegh that, as a fan, hurts me very much. Apparently we are all low class, uncouth, illogical vagabonds. Many of us are actually decent, logical and thoughtful. Hopefully the image changes. I must admit this meme is funny tho. Lol”.

His colleague journalist, Evans Gyamera who is also a fan of Shatta Wale shared similar sentiments saying:

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“My biggest problem in 2018 has being a @shattawalegh fan. People think I’m an illiterate, visionless, etc. The king has several issues which I admit but that does not mean he should not get die-hard fans. He’s a strong character amid whatever people think so try and get closer”.

Shatta Wale after seeing their tweets replied that:

“Bro this is a silent reflection of society and how we as a people constantly undermine the strength of the masses ..I love my fans and won’t change them for nothing .. Every game has its own unique players ..I am Shatta Wale and Shatta Movement is For life”.

Another fan also came to assure Shatta Wale that he’s a University Student reading Marketing and Business Administration and he’ll hopefully be graduating next year with a Second Class Upper. So they’re not illiterates as people say.

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