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“We didn’t take a dime from Bullet to perform at Ebony’s Concert”- Edem, Epixode, DKB, Coded, Captain Planet speaks


Ebony’s father Mr Kwarteng came out yesterday on TV3 revealing that some artiste took money from Bullet before performing at Ebony’s Concert which was held to honor the late dancehall diva.

“ Captain Planet, Coded, R2bees, Edem, Raquel, Kurl Songx, et al all took money for performing at the concert”, Mr Kwarteng said in an interview with TV3.

Per the list circulating on social media, Edem, Keche, R2Bees all took Ghs 3000, Captain Planet took Ghs2000, dancers also took Ghs 2000, Raquel bagged Ghs1000, Epixode also bagged Ghs 700, Coded and Kurlx Songs were also said to have bagged Ghs 1000 each.

Well, the issue arising is, all the people mentioned in the list are taking to their social media handles bolding declaring that they went to perform at Ebony’s concert out of love. So they never took a time.

Epixode even stressed that he didn’t even take water from them. It has emerged also that R2Bees wasn’t even at the concert that night, they were billed to perform at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Nominees jams, but sadly their names made the list.

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Captain Planet also said he wasn’t even feeling well that day after arriving from London. He had to move from the airport straight to the Concert grounds but couldn’t still perform cos he wasn’t feeling well.

DKB also said how can they say he charged common Ghs1000? Does he look that cheap? He even went further to say, his big head alone cannot even accept that Ghs1000.

Coded also said something similar, he said he’s not that cheap to take Ghs 1000 to perform.

Kindly watch the video below:

So the question is, who’s lying between Bullet and Starboy Kwarteng? And is it even necessary for them to disgrace themselves to this great extent?


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