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‘We don’t wear suit to tour flood areas’ – Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu told


NDC parliamentary candidate Madina constituency, Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu, has shared photos on his Facebook page which suggests that he went to tour some affected flood areas in his constituency after torrential rainfalls this week.

He was seen well dressed in a suit and tie, looking good. A lot of people are impressed that he’s thoughtful enough to visit the affected areas.

However, some few people are also not impressed with the attire he used. Some comments seen by Celebrities Buzz saw some social media users complaining that he wore the wrong attire to the right place.

Good move but please my humble appeal to you is that don’t wear suit when u re on such tour.”, one comment read.

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Another person also wrote:

“Great. However I know you are a student of Sociology and you must understand the Social anthropology as well as political psychology of the people you want to lead and put on the right costume when you are going to them. I don’t know where you were going after that tour though but whichever way I believe the costume was sociologically and politically inappropriate.”

Another critic also pointed out that he’s simply doing all these for votes:

“This is absolutely crazy and noneses,this is just for votes,after they vote for u that’s all,Hw can u tour with a suit.U don’t know what you urself are doing.Is like asking Ghanaians for a manifesto”

Checkout the photos below:


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