A former senator representing Kogi West in Nigerian – Dino Melaye has raised concerns over acute leadership failures in his country.

He believes himself and all other politicians have failed their people after selling their natural resources for over 6 decades but failed to feed them for just two weeks.

Melaye, an outspoken senator in the 8th Senate widely known for his extravagant lifestyle, wondered why the country could not afford to feed the country for two weeks of lockdown despite selling crude oil for 64 years.

He wrote on Twitter:

“Everyone who held and is holding any political office in Nigeria whether elective or appointed including me have failed

We sold crude oil for 64 years but we couldn’t feed our citizens for just 2 weeks of lockdown! Well, the god of the poor will judge us all. Its time to reboot.”

His post made a lot of people tag him as a legend for speaking the truth.

See The Screenshot Below:

'We have failed our people. We sold crude oil for 64 years but couldn't feed our people for 2 weeks. God will judge us' - Nigerian Politician

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh