Wedding cancelled by bride family after groom’s side-chick showed up at their house pregnant


A weeding ceremony which was supposed to be a memorable one was thrown into limbo after the groom’s side-chick popped up in their house looking pregnant.

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A Facebook user recognized as David Papa bondze-Mbir shared the sad incident by writing;

“Wedding was supposed to have started at 10:30 am. Bride is still not in. Groom and his men and family and the invited guests are all here. Bride and her parents and siblings are still not here. They’ve tried calling their phones but interestingly, all their phones (Bride’s, her dad, mom and siblings) are switched off. The rumor circulating now is ….GUESS the rumor. Smfh! Men never change”

Few hours later David updated all sighting that the wedding ceremony has been nulified by the bride’s family.

“#LastUpdateHer marriage has been officially annulled. Why, are/were any of you also at the Odoi’s wedding? Bride’s family returned the engagement drinks and items to HO’s family at the Church’s premises. It’s surprising how sake-of-konkonsa, people wouldn’t mind staying late at a Church wedding, but would complain when a preacher preaches for an extra 20 minutes at a normal Sunday service. Smfh! Some guys are simply not meant to be kept, that’s all. Their charms are too attractive, their words so sweet and intense. So you let them go, or when you open the heart to need/want them – they somehow will move out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to keep them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you feel is that much more dowdy and void for their departure. Gloria, I am proud of your decision. You cannot spend the rest of your life with a man like HO. It’s your choice, and we all have to RESPECT that. The fact that others could/would have married him, regardless, shouldn’t be your reality or truth. I know you care about him. I know you’re going to hurt and have to deal with today’s embarrassment, but hey, HAVE CONTROL OVER YOURSELF. This too shall pass. Keep on moving on. You have already given up on what could have weighed you down. Now, you can fly into the next unknown future ahead of you. It’s in your right to be happy and at peace with yourself.” – He added.

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Wedding cancelled by bride family after groom’s side-chick showed up at their house pregnant


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