We’ll beat and kill those who won’t stay home during lockdown – Military man threatens

A yet-to-be-identified military man has threatened that he’ll beat and kill anyone who’ll be seen outside as the days for lockdown in some major cities commences today.

In a video, the Military man was heard saying that they’ve given a lockdown but he knows some would still be roaming about in town and that they won’t stay indoors.

But all he just wants to tell those is that they’ll beat and kill them all.

Watch the below:


The various security agencies are to make sure comply with this lockdown by the Government.

The operation is themed; “COVID 19 safety operation.”

We all know this operation is needed for us to achieve the best results of helping the spread of Coronavirus.

But is it necessary for these Military men to abuse their power with pre-meditated plans to kill innocent people?

This guy must be identified and dealt with accordingly.

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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