A man shared his story of buying a ‘slightly used’ car online and what he found was horrific.

According to the man, he found a better deal for a car he wanted online. He went to the car dealer to seal the deal and purchase the car. He said he only drove home to discovered500grams of Indian Hemp (Wee) hidden behind the seat.

His shock was premised on the fact that he could have been arrested by the police because he went past several security checkpoints.


He shared his story below:

I had already concluded plans to get a fairly used Nigerian Lexus. I got a seemingly good deal on Jiji so last Friday I traveled to obiaruku to seal the deal.

Everything had gone on as planned, very great guy, I paid, he handed over all relevant documents and I headed straight to back to Asaba.

At about 7 pm, I was doing a final check on the documents so I sent my wife to the car, this lady returned with a big black envelope directly behind the driver’s seat. When we opened it, it was filled with Indian hemp. I mean close to 500grammes, I was in utter shock. I quickly called the seller and cautioned him seriously.

I had gone through over 15 police check posts, how on earth would I have explained that the stuff wasn’t mine.

Please, folks, we’ve got to be very careful. Very very careful. May God not allow us to answer questions about someone else’s indiscretion.

I have decided not to share the pics here, for personal reasons.

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