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What are two functions of the cilia in a Trochophore?

The cilia on a trochophore are moved rapidly in order to create a water eddy, thus controlling the direction of their movement. List the main parts in the basic body plan of a mollusk.Click to see full answer. Also know, what is the role of cilia in a Trochophore larva?Trochophores are spherical or pear-shaped and are girdled by a ring of cilia (minute hairlike structures), the prototroch, that enables them to swim. In some mollusks (such as gastropods and bivalves), the trochophore develops into a second stage, the veliger (q.v.), before metamorphosing to adult form. what is a Trochophore quizlet? soft. most aquatic mollusk and annelids have a larvae stage called a. trochophore. wat contains the heart organs of digestion,excretion, and reproduction. visceral mass. Also know, what animals have Trochophore larvae? Trochophores exist as a larval form within the trochozoan clade, which include the entoprocts, molluscs, annelids, echiurans, sipunculans and nemerteans. Together, these phyla make up part of the Lophotrochozoa; it is possible that trochophore larvae were present in the life cycle of the group’s common ancestor.Do arthropods have Trochophore larvae?Until very recently, the Arthropoda (insects & crustaceans) were considered possible close relatives of the Annelida, based on the fact that both groups are segmented, but no arthropod has a trochophore larva and no molecular studies support a close relationship.


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