Full story of what happened to Ada Jesus

What happened to Ada Jesus – we woke up this morning to the news of the sad death of Nigerian comedienne, Ada Jesus.

LIB reports that she died in an Abuja hospital today April 21, 2021.

Ada Jesus is reported to have suffered a cardiac arrest on Tuesday night, April 20, and was rushed to the ICU where the doctors monitored her and hoped that she gets well.

what happened to Ada Jesus
What happened to Ada Jesus

Sadly, however, she passed away after suffering kidney problem she had been battling with for several months.

Confirming the news on Wednesday, Harrison Gwamnishu who led a group of Nigerians that took Ada Jesus to the hospital told BBC news this afternoon. His words; “She is gone.”

Now let’s look at what happened to Ada Jesus

Some time back, Ada Jesus came out to accuse controversial man of God, Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje popularly known as Indaboski of teaming up with Nigerian actress Rita Edochie to perform fake miracles.

A few months after the accusations, she fell sick under strange conditions after which she got diagnosed of a kidney problem.

When her situation got worse, concluded that she’s sick as a result of the curse placed on her life by Rita Edochie and Prophet Odumeje for lying against them.

Social media users and Nigerians at large mounted pressure on Rita and Odumeje to forgive Ada Jesus.

Rita Edochie forgives Ada Jesus

Giving in to the pressure, Rita Edochie came out in a video posted on to forgive Ada Jesus.

“I am here to tell you all that I have forgiven Ada Jesus. From my heart to heart, I have forgiven you Ada Jesus,” she said in the almost three minute video.

Stop insulting men of God, particularly my man of God, Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere Odumeje. Use him to respect me. He’s good for me, that’s why I’m with him,” she also said.

“Stop mocking me because I’m following Odumejeje. Whatever anyone is comfortable with, let them do. I am comfortable staying with him. Look for a good place and stay. Leave us alone.”

I am happy that the WHOLE WORLD has seen that Ada Jesus framed all SORTS of LIES and HEAPED on ME. I have been VINDICATED by Ada’s PREDICAMENTS. The good LORD has FOUGHT my BATTLE for me.”, she revealed in her caption


Prophet Odumeje refuses to forgive Ada Jesus

The prophet, however vowed not to forgive her until she provides evidence to back her claims.

“You must bring to me the people that I do fake miracle with if not when I’m done with her I’ll start with your generation. No one can joke with me and go free…nobody speaks against me go free I am not a man you can joke with,” Odumeje said in a video of his that emerged online.

He accused the comedienne of ruining his image with accusation on social media so he will never forgive her.

Presssure mounts on Prophet Odumeje to forgive Ada Jesus

When Ada Jesus’s situation kept deteriorating, concerned pleaded with the man of God known as ‘Liquid Metal’ to forgive the comedy sensation.

Bowing to the pressure, the family visited his church and he forgave Ada Jesus.

He even gave them 1 Million Naira.

This came after Ada Jesus’ health began improving after a philanthropist, Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, sent her to a good hospital and began paying for her dialysis.


We all expected Ada Jesus to get better after this but it’s unfortunate she has died sadly.

So this is the full story of what happened to Ada Jesus.

May her soul rest in peace.

She died at the age of 22 — just 24 hours after celebrating her birthday.

Ada Jesus birthday celebration
Ada Jesus birthday celebration

Ada Jesus’s death wasn’t spiritual

After her death, a lot of concluded that it was spiritual.

However, Activist Harrison Gwamnishu came out to dismiss such claims.

what happened to Ada Jesus
Ada Jesus on her hospital bed with Harrison

In a video he shared online, Harisson who was with Ada Jesus until she died, said her death was as a result of medical failure as she had been sick for a very long time.

Watch the video of him speaking below:

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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