What Happened To Misse Beqiri Brother Flamur Beqiri? Verdict Reached in The Ongoing Case


Misse Beqiri’s Flamur Beqiri was killed in his home in Battersea, Southwest London in of his wife Debora Krasniqi, and their kid. The Swedish kickboxer is found guilty of his murder.

Flamur Beqiri’s hitman Anis Fouad Hemissi is found guilty of the organized murder of the father of 2.

Hemissi, who will be sentenced next Friday has denied the accusations and stated that he did not know anything and had not heard about Flamur Beqiri.

Meanwhile, CCTV footage shown in the court has revealed that Hemissi was seen in the area wearing a latex mask and dressed around like a little picker.

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Further, the footage a 24-year-old gunman opening fire at the doorstep of Flamur Beqiri when the victim was returning home with his wife and 2-year-old son.

Now, with the sentence set to be heard next Friday, the readers wonder what led to the incident to occur. Stay with us for the details.

What Happened To Misse Beqiri Flamur Beqiri?

The Scottish model Misse Beqiri’s Flamur Beqiri was killed on his doorstep in of his wife and kids on Christmas eve of 2019.

The case of his murder is considered as an ‘organized hit’ as a part of the bidding rivalry between 2 criminal networks.

Misse Beqiri’s older Flamur was residing in his house in Battersea, Southwest London with his lovely wife Debora Krasniqi, and their 2 children.

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Anis Fouad Hemissi along with his partners in crime Estevan Pino-Munizaga, 35, Tobias Andersson, 32, and Bawer Karaer, 23 took a flight from Sweden to London to commit a crime. The planned murder was organized by the suspect Ahmet Karaer, who is wanted by the police.

The former star of Real Housewives of Cheshire star Misse has been fighting for justice and now the justice is about to be served.

Meet Flamur Beqiri Wife Debora Krasniqi

Flamur Beqiri and his wife Debora Krasniqi tied the knot in a lavish in Cernobbio, Italy on October 15, 2018.

The couple met via Facebook and became close when Debora became friends with his sister Misse Beqiri.

Now, the widow of Flamur received a proposal in the most romantic way possible. Flamur had spent the whole morning covering the floor with 1,000 red rose petals while she was asleep. He woke her up by playing the song ‘Magic’, knelt on his feet, and asked her to marry him in Austria.

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Now, that late-Beqiri has been revealed to have been involved in a serious drug-related crime which resulted in his death, Debora has denied the allegations and stated that the father of her son was a worker in a music-related field.

Meet Flamur Beqiri Kids

Flamur Beqiri had 2 kids. His eldest son had witnessed his father’s death as he was together with his during the shooting. He was 2 at that time.

The youngest Beqiri was 3-months-old at the time of his father’s death. Flamur Beqiri was 36.

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