What is Stormzy religion?

Stormzy is undoubtedly one of the finest rappers in the Hip-Hop industry ! An even more impressive is he is British and seldom are the Brits known for their prowess on a Rap beat. Ebenezer Kwadjo is his real name and he was born on the 26th of July 1993in London, England.

The Big guy who stands over Six foot became an identified talent during his days of freestyle in 2014 and has since then released projects which would solidify him as one of the best rappers from the land of the King as well as working on numerous musical collaborations with different artists around the world and a personal favorite to this ! Stormzy also known as Stiff Chocolate or The Problem will indeed be around for a long and we hope he can continue delivering the goods.

What is Stormzy's religion?

Stormzy just like most British is a Christian and a dedicated one as such as he has even released some gospel projects which did well on the charts as well

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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